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Educating with Unifiedknowledge – Foundation Course One


Educating with Unifiedknowledge – Foundation Course One

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*Educating with Unifiedknowledge – Foundation Course One*

Would you like to explore any of these points?

  • What does it mean to teach and learn maths and science from an African place of Being?
  • How can we Re-shape the way you think about maths?
  • How do we prepare our children for self-mastery & and leadership?
  • Explore science with renewed clarity and inspiration through cultural arts.
  • Enable children and youth to know at the Highest Levels.

*Educating with Unifiedknowledge – Foundation Course One*

Provides a unique body of insight to support:

1) STEAM’d uP Learning; unified cross-curricular approaches to learning; STEM + the Arts education
2) child-centred and family-centred learning
3) nature-centred learning
4) Learning from an African place of being

This course is hosted by *Black Open University* as part of the AlkebulanMeta learners’ cooperative platform.

The course bridges traditional cultural values panAfrica with the study and practice of classical and contemporary STEM subjects; science, technology, engineering and maths. In introducing the Unifiedknowledge educational pedagogy we aim to liberate creativity, establish stability, reset cultural integrity in education and harness the power of family-directed learning for community development.

*What exactly does the course cover?*

Educating with Unifiedknowledge (FC1) introduces an approach to learning where maths, culture, art, nature and science are explored in ways that make education properly connected to classical and contemporary African (Black) culture. The course defines the culture and objectives of the pedagogy (the approach to learning). Then explores its principles (guiding ideas), processes (ways of working) and protocols (codes of conduct and etiquette).

You will gain a rich insight into each of these points and the oversight of how they interrelate with each other.

A full bullet point summary is presented on

*How it works:*

Registration and Membership is required:
You will need to register with AlkebulanMeta here;
For full access to AlkebulanMeta an OnWeb3-Passport must be purchased from our Assets Store; , these are NFTs and start from £36, persons who have registered and own an OnWeb3-Passport can have full access the the AlkebulanMeta platform.


£234 per learning term.
Fee settlement is done by purchasing, online, the Quarterly Learning Term Enrollment package, here is a quick link:

*Term Duration and Study Commitment:*

  • Our learning terms are 3 months / 1 quarter long.
  • Within these learning terms, there are 11 x 2-hour online live sessions, These classes are typically hosted on Mondays from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm (TBC).
  • There are several small assignments, the learner should allow 2 hours per week for the completion of these.
  • Optionally 3 of the classes can be in-person sessions at the Chestnuts Community Centre (N15 5BN). This will be coordinated on a group-by-group basis to attempt to accommodate collective best availabilities.
  • The first quarterly term gives the full introductory overview of the Unifiedknowledge pedagogy. Further term cycles can be attended (by renewal of the Quarterly Learning Term Enrollment package) to go into deeper aspects and applications of the educational approach; this is called *Foundation Course Two.*
  • The next term starts from: *18th December 2023* 🗓️

*Explore the eLearning App:*

The course is facilitated with AlkebulanMeta’s Moodle elearning app, this makes the elearning resource fully professional and easy to use. Support and guidance will be provided on using this app and the other apps you’ll have access to as a “citizen” of the AlkebulanMeta learning network.


*Start the journey of Educating with Unifiedknowledge by registering here now:*

Please contact me for registration support or with any questions you have.

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