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Mission and Vision

Unifiedknowledge – The Inner Tutor returns to Africa

The Unifiedknowledge Approach to Education – A Summary Overview

Our approach to education uses story-telling to teach science and STEM. Our first epic story is a deeply meaningful classic for both children and adults, have a listen now, it gives context and insight into how Alkebulan Network-State came into existence. Enjoy.

“Abit & The Web of Freedom”
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The story brings forward a vision of Africa (Alkebulan) where African heritage, embodied by her peoples, realises visionary leadership as – The Most Excellent Custodians of Earth

Abit and the Web of Freedom navigates several interesting themes and intersections as defined in this ground-breaking Sci-Fu (science futures) story; African cosmology, the soil covenant; the importance of soil and minerals, entrapments of mineral mining, web3 technology and the principle of the original ledger, new ideas on land custodianship and centrally a high value of STEM from an African place of Being.

The Mission and Vision

The MISSION of AlkebulanMeta is to serve as a networking and strategic resource point for global cooperative learning focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths plus the Arts; this is 

የጥምር ፡ ዕውቀት ።

Unifiedknowledge (STEAM’d uP Learning); STEM + the Arts,

from an African place of being. 

We integrate premium apps, services and web3 protocols and make excellent learning very accessible, enabling individuals and groups to develop Knowledge, Insight, Competencies, Abilities and Skills (KICAS) in all areas of STEM that interest them. Our cooperative models for education create “the peoples’ university” platform for personal, family, community and national self-development.

In respect of The Alkebulan Soil Covenant, we advance the importance of “harmony with nature” by nurturing KICAS in soil science and soil custodianship as a primary STEM focus for all citizens. 

In summary, our collective VISION sees us as a highly valued gathering place for The Most Excellent Custodians of Earth.

The Web6 Functions:

1 ● the types of soil (by % ratios of sand : clay : silt),
2 ● the concentrations of mineral deposits
3 microbial life cycles (biosphere markers)
4 ● illuminance cycles (light)
5 moisture cycles (wet-dry)
6 temperature cycles (cold-hot)

Do you know what you need to know about these points?

Imagine being in a network where communities learn deeply about them as a baseline cultural value.

Be the connection in your network who is growing STEM-conscious, empowered and empowering.

Become a citizen today – all are welcome.

AlkebulanMeta Terms of Learning Network Service