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The Alkebulan Soil Covenant


Part 1: Our Soil Covenant


1.1 A solemn commitment

1.2 Citizen members’ Benefits (Rights)

1.3 Citizen members’ Responsibilities

Part 2: The Context

2.1 The context

2.2 Why we value of our soils

2.3 Our Mission

2.4 Our Journey

2.5 Our Future Movement and Direction

2.6 Where our mission will lead us

Part 3: Terms and Conditions

Part 4: Glossary of in text terms and abbreviations defined

Part 1: Our Soil Covenant


You who have come this far to read this document are most welcome: Seek further still to enter into agreement to undertake development of the necessary insight to end our collective alienation from our original relationship with the earth.

This document is originally referred to in the account given by Chief Scribe- a custodian of the Records of Maat and Guardian of the Ba and is an important feature of the first story of the Alkebulan Metaverse chronicles . It is recorded here in full for the benefit of all future generations.

The context which created the necessity for this document was one of widespread global ecological destruction, now commonly referred to as The Age of the Great Maafa. The clarity of insight that brought about its articulation marked the beginning of the Age of Global Correction.

The right choices must be made by all people individually and collectively in order to undo the great harm accomplished through the systematic exploitation of this benefice upon which our life depends- our global soils.

1.1 A solemn commitment

The Alkebulan Soil Covenant is a commitment made voluntarily by everyone entering the Alkebulan Metaverse, in which they agree to be an active and responsible Steward of the planet’s soils.

A Covenant with the soil has always existed in some form and in all ages, found to be alive in the hearts of those who perceived the link between the health and welfare of the soil and the health and welfare of all other lifeforms and ecosystems built on top of it. This knowledge in the era, now commonly referred to as The Age of the Great Maafa, came to be neglected and was no longer observed by many of the people in that time. The wisdom underpinning this ancient knowledge was to be severely tested- with dire consequences to life globally. Hence, there was a realisation of the necessity to write it down in the form of a Covenant, for all present generations to observe and to teach future generations, their solemn duty to preserve the natural life-supporting, life giving, web 6 functions of the soil, as the Inheritance and Birthright of All who live in perpetuity.

The writing down of this Soil Covenant, was to later mark the beginning of The Age of Global Correction, an era characterised by great cooperative efforts to re-introduce Ma’at into the affairs of Mankind; and especially to re-harmonize the activities of People with the Natural Laws, (Neters), that govern the transformation and flow of Life in all its Abundance, as evidenced and recorded in the Ancient Ledger of Insight, the original blockchain, the earth’s soil.

1.2 Citizen members’ Benefits (Rights)

By adopting an agreement with The Alkebulan Soil Covenant members can:

  • Gain access to unique benefits of the educational pedagogy of YehT’mr Urwuk’eht (የጥምር ፡ ዕውቀት ።, Unifiedknowledge:  Within the pedagogy is an area of study called YehGzat Urwuk’eht (የግዛት ፡ ዕዉቀት ። , environmental science). Within this study “Gzat” means “Province”- defined as a region of space land, air and mind that One perceives as their responsibility; synonyms for this space are- Mother Earth, Gaia, matter-energy-mind..
  • Learn STEM:  learn science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) related to soil conservation.
  • Do Great Networking: network with others interested in soil science and conservation; peer to peer education (for everyday people), regional interest networking, subject level interest and self-defined intersecting interest groups
  • Get Soil Management Advice:  assist with ongoing land/soil management advice for individuals, families, communities, commercial entities, clubs, associations, charities, statutory agencies and other governmental structures.
  • Gain Insight from The Web6 Function Data:  access data on the key metrics related to soil science; The Web6 Function
  • Learn Physics: learn physics through soil conservation
  • Learn Maths:  learn maths through soil conservation
  • Benefit from Pseudonymous IDs:  pseudonymous IDs for enhanced proxy action, including:
  • – protecting significant habitats and soil cultures
  • – stewardship support for landholders; governmental, commercial and private
  • – information sharing

1.3 Citizen members’ Responsibilities

Members Will diligently embrace and study:

The Web6 Functions:

  1. the types of soil (by % ratios of sand:clay:silt),
  2. the concentrations of mineral deposits
  3. microbial life cycles (biosphere markers)
  4. illuminance cycles (light)
  5. moisture cycles (wet-dry)
  6. temperature cycles (cold-hot)

These six critical function points, in synergy, have a specific relationship to The Dynamic Flow of Life’s ‘Charge’ on Earth and beyond.  Through the energies in and around these function points and their related fields we can properly perceive and know The Dynamic Flow of Life’s ‘Charge’ as a whole system.  This insight is the output of the Web6 Function.

Supported Self-Education: Each member is committed to a well supported process of self-education in the science of soil, rock and mineral with the objective of developing deep and wholistic knowledge and competencies (KICAS).  Further to this, as applicable, members may grow with the responsibility to objectively support their family(iesPart 2: The Context) or co-operative(s) in the same processes of self-education in the science of soil, rock and mineral.

Catalogue Earth Dances: Members will research and share references to every kind of traditional and contemporary “Earth” dance originating firstly in Africa (and then globally). We categorise these dances Sese Dankira.

Stories and Documentaries;  Explore for self and with others the idea of good and divine hueman characters, in the context of folk, traditional and modern soil related stories and documentaries.

Sensor Mapping & Soil Oracles: Help the metaverse to map out the land with environmentally friendly sensors placed in and above the Earth to give deeper and ongoing intelligence on the soil Web6 Function. The “sensors” may be people, in such case they will occupy the special role of ‘Soil Oracles’ for the Metaverse.

Cultivate Collective Custodianship: Members will cultivate and promote a sense of collective Custodianship; members will grow expertise in the principles of governing soil transformation.

Community Council Forums & Networks: Members will work with their allocated meta-geographic Metaverse Land’s Community Council Forums & Networks, which are associated with regions panAfrica, mindfully helping to develop the Alkebulan Metaverse networks and Intelligence in regard to that region.  As part of this intelligence gathering members will also help with monitoring any misvaluation of land.

Encourage Development Fund Support: The collective membership will honour and celebrate cooperative works, modest or grand. The EcoSysMAAT Development Fund will provide resources to help members administer this responsibility to reward and all members are encouraged to nominate intra-metaverse projects and works so that the Fund is well distributed.

Part 2: The Context

2.1 The Context

The Alkebulan Metaverse seeded on planet Earth during the year commonly known as 2023, during the month of March on the 21st day of that month. It currently exists as a developing network state within the ecosystem of EcoSysMAAT Learners’ Co-operative.

2.2 Why we value of our global soils

The soil, specifically through its rocks and minerals, is the Alkebulan Metaverse’s truest Ancient Ledger Of Insight.  Its factors, in synergy, have a specific relationship to The Dynamic Flow of Life’s ‘Charge’.

  1. The soil is the foundation for vegetation (shelter, clothing, medicine, food, raw materials)
  2. The soil is a reservoir for minerals (ions, cations, inorganic elements)
  3. The soil is a resource for waste management and a repository for discarded matter (recycling, storage, reservoir)
  4. The soil is a place of final resting (human and animal burial ground, deposit for dead organic matter)
  5. The soil is a store of energy originating from sunlight (thermal store; climate regulation- direct, through absorption and indirect, through hosting vegetational cover)
  6. Soil is an Ancient Ledger (repository of the past, events, happenings, memory, the artefacts of civilisations, OurStory)

2.3 Our Mission

Our mission is primarily defined through two governance documents (see below) and by the direction of an interim incubation venture (EcoSysMAAT GAIU Ltd).  The documents are:

• The Alkebulan Soil Covenant

• EcoSysMAAT Member Trust Constitution

Our mission is focused on developing Knowledge, Insight, Competencies, Abilities and Skills  (KICAS) amongst our members regarding soil science and soil custodianship.  This statement is a summary extracted from the EcoSysMAAT Member Trust Constitution.

The Mission of the Alkebulan Metaverse is to provide a context and resources that develop KICAS in soil science and soil custodianship in those members, who decide to take on the Responsibility of honouring The Alkebulan Soil Covenant.

2.4 Our Journey

An emergent network-state:

We are emerging as

  • (a) a social network with a clear ethical and moral innovation; Maat,
  • (b) a collective with a sense of trans-national consciousness that expresses many synergies and empathies; members with each other, members with the whole,
  • (c) gathered around a recognised founding pedagogy; a body of learning principles, processes and protocols,
  • (d) nurturing a future-proof capacity for collective action,
  • (e) engaged in a in-person levels of civility, quality communications and amicable internal negotiations

2.5 Our Future Movement and Direction

We are creating capabilities towards

  • (f) ecosystem integrated cryptoassets to enhance the flow of value within and around our network-state; Alkebulan Metaverse and EcoSysMAAT,
  • (g) a consensual governance process limited yet empowered by web3/DLT social smart contracts and protocols,
  • (h) an archipelago of “physical territories” firstly existing as the bodies of our voluntary and freely sovereign members, as persons, and extending into family, community and national territories of land/soil whereby we exert meaningful influence, custodianship and responsibility for the common good (See Gzat).
  • (I) a virtual capital (meta-geographic), within the Alkebulan Metaverse, and

(j) an on-chain (DLT) census protocol that proves a large enough population, income, and real-estate (in both geographic and meta-geographic locations) footprint to attain a globally meaningful measure of diplomatic recognition.

2.6 Where our mission will lead us

As a cooperative and network-state we will go on to

  • Further develop and advance the Language of Universal Cooperation necessary for our members as they build insight with the Web6 Functions and develop their personal and collective capacity for global soil stewardship.

perform the great (eternal) work connecting peoples of various ages and stages of development in this inter-generational learning, stewardship, repair/healing, regeneration and transformation.  Taking on the principled responsibility to protect and teach others to protect our global soils.

Part 3: Terms and Conditions

The Alkebulan Soil Covenant, herein referred to as ‘soil covenant’, is a permanent lawful agreement encompassing the total land-space of the Earth. It records here our commitment to inter-generational cooperative conservation and protection of our planet’s native soils, in their life support function to vegetation and regional habitats; also in regards to benefits, welfare, enrichments specifically to Mankind (historical, aesthetic, social, cultural, spiritual).

The soil covenant runs with the land in perpetuity and is administered by its citizen membership, by proxy via the Alkebulan Metaverse, a learners’ cooperative of EcoSysMAAT.

The purpose of this soil covenant is to clarify and to continuously improve upon Knowledge, Insight, Competencies, Abilities and Skills  (KICAS) such that the soil covenant remains relevant to demands of technological developments and such that there exists practical enforcements in place ensuring observation of obligations to do or to refrain from doing for determined periods of time, identified activities with respect to soil/ land, in the interest of the “common good”, which will include a concern for future, unborn generations, including and not restricted to the duty to:

  • preserve,
  • protect,
  • restore and
  • enhance

the land’s:

  • inherent cultural integrities in terms of its natural capacity to establish and maintain healthful space (environments),
  • resources and natural derivatives in respect of Earth’s natural cycles and broader cosmic cycles.
  • central value informing STEM; and STEAM’d uP Learning, that’s STEM + the Arts
  • perform the great (eternal) work connecting peoples of various ages and stages of development in this inter-generational learning, stewardship, repair/healing, regeneration and transformation.  Taking on the principled responsibility to protect and teach others to protect our global soils.

Part 4: Glossary of in text terms and abbreviations defined

Avatar is the digital identity alias or proxy of a living person, a group of people operating collectively or of an artificial intelligence, which can be used for interactions online, in the Metaverse and, or in the Physical World.

Blockchain A blockchain is “a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records, called blocks. These “blocks” are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data, thereby making it virtually impossible to falsify.

By Proxy is the Avatar acting on behalf of the living person and interacts with other people in the Metaverse through their Avatars.

Consensus is general agreement among a group of people.

Covenant A usually formal, solemn, and binding agreement.

Custodianship One that guards and protects or maintains. especially : one entrusted with guarding and keeping property or records

Cooperative (Adjective) Involving mutual assistance in working towards a common goal. (Noun) a farm, business, or other organisation which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a system developed to distribute decision-making, management, and entity ownership.

Early Years Learning [EYL] Education received from pre-birth to the 7th year of life.

EcoSysMaat (DAO) is a fully online web3 community. Its basic mission is to address current global regional imbalances in access to STEM knowledge and research; to build a strong core global equity in STEM consciousness and competence, through UnifiedKnowledge approaches to education; and to create equality of access to world-class STEM learning, with the power to stimulate “home-grown” STEM solutions to local problems. The relationship with The Alkebulan Metaverse is as follows: The Alkebulan Metaverse is an EcoSysMAAT developed space, therefore it is a web3 space and so decentralisation empowerment is key in its organisation.  This means that when properly established its function will not be dependent on “Senior” persons.

EcoSysMAAT GAIU Ltd is a private company that originated and owns the intellectual property and concepts which are EcoSysMAAT and The Alkebulan Metaverse.  These entities are still in development, however, it is envisioned that before the end of a maximum term of 4.75 years they will operate and function as entities, with characteristics consistent with current concepts of a DAO, Network State- or synergy of the two. The defining characteristics of these entities in their fully intensional functional form shall all ways include the following characteristics :

!) Sovereignty

!!) The ability to Self- Organise as Individuals and to operate as a well Organised Collective

!!!) The ability to Govern as a unified and well organised Collective

!v) The ability of Cooperative Learning

FAO: Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN- Global Soil Partnership. Provides publications, resources and frameworks arising from findings from climate change global summits.  (See also: FAO Revised World Soil Charter).

FAO Revised World Soil Charter 2015: The first version of the World Soil Charter was adopted by the FAO in November 1981. It was later to be revised and updated to include much needed specific guidance for moving beyond knowing and agreeing to taking action. The process has been painfully slow and quite at odds with the mounting urgency of unfolding impacts of climate change and soil destruction. In June 2012 the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in which once again the need for good soil stewardship was recognised. Through this came the establishment in 2014 of The Global Soil Partnership (GPS), which functions to promote the urgent necessity for some form of global stewardship of the soil. This revised document was published in 2015. It contains clear guidelines for action addressed to individuals and the private sector; groups and scientific community; governments; and international organisations. 

FELA Framework for Effective Land Administration is a UN associated committee. 

Governance token (also called OnWeb3-Passport) gives access to governance voting and decision making processes; allows access and is required ID to enter, to “have life” in the Alkebulan Metaverse.  It is like a “passport” and curriculum vitae combined.  An OnWeb3-Passport allows citizens of the Alkebulan Metaverse to store (self custodial) the public and private keys (cryptographic code) required to manage crypto assets and provide digital signatures that securely authorise cryptographic (web3) transactions.

Gzat is a province or domain of personal responsibility that is self determined, self chosen,  encompassing air land and mind space.

Hashima means Respect in Yeht’mr urwuk’eht (Unifiedknowledge) pedagogy.

Interim incubation venture An organisational or business venture that has not yet achieved full sovereign sustainability and therefore depends upon and, or is subject to a larger organisation for resources and governance.

Land stewardship protocol the official procedure or system of rules governing the affairs of the Alkebulan Metaverse network state.

Ledger A ledger in accounting refers to a book that contains different accounts where records of transactions pertaining to a specific account is stored. It is also known as the book of final entry or principal book of accounts. It is a book where all transactions either debited or credited are stored.

Life An extremely superior and advanced technology of imponderable complexity, that gives the property of animation to organic matter, observed as rhythmicity, movement, development, behaviour. All structures containing life on earth are carbon based.

Mandate (Noun) the authority to carry out a policy. An official order or commission to do something. (Verb) To give (someone) authority to act in a certain way.

Metaverse (noun) The term “metaverse” originated in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash as a portmanteau of “meta” and “universe”. Metaverse development is often linked to advancing virtual reality technology due to the increasing demands for immersion ; The (Alkebulan) Metaverse (noun) can be thought of as multi-dimensional space with the characteristics of being  unified (and unifying), interactive, shared, immersive, persistent. A 3D virtual space where citizens (custodians of an OnWeb3-Passport) experience the social networks of the Alkebulan Network-State in ways different to that which can be experienced and achieved in the physical, material, everyday world.

Neter Origins in the language Of Kemet, an Ancient African Nile Valley civilization,  expresses the Principles of the Physical and Metaphysical embodied in Nature. Synonymous concepts are Loi. Physical Laws. Laws of Nature. Deity.

Network-state A network state is a highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states.

Network-State, our – see here.

Perpetuity the state or quality of lasting forever. There is no fixed term to signify that there will be an end.

Pseudonymous Identifiers (IDs) A meaningless but unique number that does not allow the Relaying Party (RP) to infer anything regarding the subscriber but which does permit the RP to associate multiple interactions with the subscriber’s claimed identity.

Sese Dankira Earth dance- there exist many versions associated with different cultures in different global regions.

Slave/ Enslaved(Noun) is One who exists in a state of bondage, who experiences absence or lack of freedom- both the autonomy to act and the means to act as a Sovereign Being. [Also Slavery:  (Noun) a condition of relationship, involving a power dynamic or a state of mind that keeps a person in bondage, unable to access their powers of personal agency; prevented from and, or unable to experience freedom and the autonomy to act as a Sovereign Being. [Consider also ( Enslavement) (Noun) is the mechanism or system by which one becomes alienated from and unable to access their own Self-power and personal agency; it is the mechanism or system by which one is made into, becomes a slave].

Sovereign/ Sovereignty A self-governing state (Entity, Nation). A Being who is autonomous and self governing (Person).

STEAM’d uP Learning A pedagogical approach to teaching STEM that utilises the creative power of African cultural art forms- that’s STEM + the Arts.

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Stewardship The office, duties, and obligations of a steward. The conducting, supervising, or managing of something especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

Tokengate (Verb) involves restricting access to certain content, forums or benefits to holders of a particular cryptocurrency token or NFTs issued by the host organisation. These tokens effectively act as a set of keys that reside within a user’s crypto wallet. Users who do not hold the token, will not have access to the content/experience reserved for particular classes of membership.

Voluntary (Adjective) done, given, or acting of one’s own free will. Work, done, or maintained without payment.

Web3 is the third generation of the evolution of web technologies after web 1.0 (internet world wide web information highway) and web 2.0 (social media). Web 3.0 is distinguished by its decentralized applications; extensive use of blockchain-based technologies; decentralised finance and crypto tokens. Web 3.0 will also make use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help empower more intelligent and adaptive applications.

Web6 Function The 6 components of soil and how they interact to generate soil transformations. These web of interactions form the basis of the essential life support function of soil.

Yeht’mr urwuk’eht (Unifiedknowledge) is a learning pedagogy that is culturally referenced to Africa and to the Ancient Nile Civilisations of Kemet. This approach to education is of The Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL). The term “yeht’mr urwuk’eht” ( የጥምር ዕውቀት) is from Amahric, an Ethiopian language. Its translation means “unified knowledge”. This approach to learning uses dance, music, drama and other cultural arts to realise core principles of maths (maat) and the sciences. It is also referred to as STEAM’d uP Learning, which is STEM + the Arts.